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To grow your local business you need a Growth System! With our local marketing services like:

  • Local SEO & Map Pack Optimization
  • Contact Management System
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Website Design & Deployment

You can expect a significant increase in your local business visibility in just 90 days. Our expert team will help you optimize your local lead-generation efforts to reach your target audience. Our CRM keeps track of your contacts, and our traffic boosts gets the phone ringing.

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Grow Your Local Business Visibility With Digital Marketing

People use the internet daily on their cell phones. Every business needs to build and maintain a strong online presence. This is especially important if you have a physical location and rely on sales in your local area. Many small businesses are competing with large franchises. If you don’t get visibility your business will not make it.

We specialize in increasing your Google search visibility in your local area. We know how important it is to ensure real people can find your website. Get more phone calls and messages from prospective customers on maps. This ultimately, increases your revenue and helps grow your business.

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Unlike traditional buying experiences, digital marketing doesn’t stop at checkout.

Our Customer Resource Management (CRM) helps you understand your target audience, what content they interact with, and what they are buying. Every touch point is recorded and accessible in one place.

Never lose track of where your leads and customers are at in your sales processes again.

Local SEO & Map Pack Optimization

Having trouble gaining visibility in your targeted area? Let us help create a breakthrough for your local service business. With a proper local SEO strategy and The Local Growth System, you can compete with the franchises.

Because they represent hundreds of businesses getting local visibility and leads for them is easy. Let us be the GREAT EQUALIZER for you.

There are a few factors that GREATLY affect your visibility. The biggest problem that we see is most service providers do not have the tools to analyze their competitors.

They don’t have as many backlinks as bigger businesses. Nor do they have the  skill set to properly deploy local search engine optimization or map pack optimization campaigns.

Google Business Profile Optimizationes

Did you set up your profile before understanding what the competitive landscape is?

Do you know that it can hurt your business to choose the wrong Google Business Profile category?

Are you not finding yourself in the top 3 in the Map pack?

Did you know that your profile needs to be mirrored on your website to gain trust in Google’s eyes?

Led us do the heavy lifting and do the research and profile optimization for you.

Did you know that effective reputation management on the Local Growth System platform can help customers become your brand ambassadors and increase your visibility too?

Website Design & Deployment

We see so many websites that look good but performance is sadly lacking. This is why they are not bringing in traffic. No traffic means no one sees it and no one decides to call you or enter your contact form.

Did you know that in order to rank for a search keyword it has to appear on your website? Did you know many of these design firms do not research search volume like we do? Did you know that many of these companies don’t understand technical SEO so your website never gets listed in Google’s index?

Did you know if there is nothing establishing authority and relevance on your website for your industry then it will just get ignored?

We can get your website failure turned around. We can either design your website in the beginning or do a makeover and rebuild it right.

Your Competition Is Already Online!

Don’t believe me, just do a Google search and click on the map listings. Over half of small business owners already use digital marketing or already have websites, social media, or YouTube channels up and running.

Are you able to compete with larger franchises as is?

If your business is local, you can’t wait for word-of-mouth marketing to kick in. If you haven’t involved your company no matter how small in digital marketing yet, now is the time!

Why Choose Us

We Help Local Business Owners Thrive With Our Growth System

At our agency, we are passionate about empowering service providers. Being local service providers ourselves, we understand that your focus should be on giving the best services to your customers.

Owner-operators generally need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries in order to generate sales. Get them booked and prepaid before they turn to your competition!

The Local Growth System (LGS) is a complete business system. We not only help you get more visibility, and more phone calls, we also provide you with a customer resource management platform (CRM) that can do it all.

Imagine being able to track all of your contacts and touchpoints in one place. Pull in contacts and record every touch point from: websites, Google Business Profiles, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TickTok, Ads, and so much more. Talk about letting the data be your guide!

The Local Growth System also allows our clients to bill and take payments, send mass text and email campaigns, deliver promotional campaigns & coupons, create automated responses, and so much more…

Stop Wasting Money On Unfruitful Ads

We’re skilled in Local SEO and Google Profile optimization. We always update ourselves with the latest knowledge base and trends. We have access to the best tools available to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Remember if they don’t see your business on the map pack or on page one you are virtually invisible to your prospective customers.

We have ranked local businesses for hundreds of keywords. Most other SEO’s will only rank 1-2 keywords if you’re lucky and charge you thousands. We want to rank your business for what gets you more business in the locations that matter to you!

  • Website Design 90% 90%
  • Location Based SEO 80% 80%
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM) 90% 90%
  • Google Business Profile Optimization 80% 80%


What Happy Clients Say About Us

Working with the Local Growth System has been a game changer for us! They are certainly worth everything that they offer!

-K1 Roofing Inc –

I would highly recommend Carol with EnPowered for any of your marketing needs. She can get you the exposure and traffic necessary to grow your business!

– Dan L. –

We ordered a website from this agency and they delivered in just a week. The website is beautiful, responsive and functional. We LOVE it! They also helped with on-page SEO and PPC management. Highly recommended!

– Katherine M. –

What We Do

Our Local Business Marketing Solutions

Website/Landing Page

We provide professional, fast, and affordable Web design on the WordPress content management system with solid SEO foundations.

Local SEO & Google Business Profile

Get higher rankings on Google for local keywords, get in front of thousands of potential customers & get more calls

customer relationship management service

Customer Relationship Management

We provide one platform to manage all of your contacts from multiple channels in one place. Never lose track of your contacts again

reputation management service

Reputation Management

Online reputation is important these days. We can help improve your online reviews for stronger credibility

Brand management

Make sure that your brand stands out on the World Wide Web & Social Media. Leverage your online assets so that you control how you are positioned in your market place.

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